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Astronomik ProPlanet 807 IR Pass Filter - T-Mount - P807-T

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Astronomik ProPlanet 807 IR-Pass Filter - T-Mount

For imaging the Moon and planets using larger than 10" (250 mm) aperture telescopes, the Astronomik P807 is the perfect complement to Astronomik's ProPlanet 742 IR filter when seeing conditions are poor. Additionally, this filter can be used in conjunction with the P742 for use with converted DSLR and CCD cameras, as well as Webcams. Viewing effects are clearly reduced. This is your key to previously uncharted lunar and planetary astrophotography territory.

With this filter, the only light permitted to pass through is light from wavelengths of 807 nm or longer. Adverse seeing effects are reduced considerably in this range versus the visual spectrum of the human eye. This greatly enhances image sharpness and steadiness compared to what your device and location could typically realize. Moreover, the ProPlanet 807 delivers a dark sky background well into dawn so you can keep imaging the Moon and planets even as the Sun is coming up.

Astronomik ProPlanet IR 807 Filter Highlights

  • This ProPlanet 807 IR-Pass Filter from Astronomik has been designed for the purpose of working with the Astronomik ProPlanet 742 IR when seeing conditions are particularly poor and a larger 10" or more aperture telescope is being used
  • Exposure times for most cameras is doubled over P742 imaging or in visible light
  • Provides darkening of the background at dawn or dusk.
  • Daytime imaging of bright planets, stars, and comets, as well as young stars in dust clouds and stellar nurseries is possible with this filter
  • Simultaneously allows 97% of wavelengths between 807 nm and 1100 to be transmitted while obstructed wavelengths between 350 nm and 790 nm
  • Parfocal with any other filter made by Astronomik
  • 1 mm glass thickness
  • Coatings provide full resistance to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • Astronomik filters are delivered with a long-lasting, high quality plastic storage case