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Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter - Canon EOS R XL Full Frame Clip - SII6-EOS-R-XL

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Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Canon EOS R XL Full Frame Clip Filter

  • Presented in an EOS R XL clip format for Canon EOS R/RP Full Frame Mirrorless cameras, this Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter has been designed specifically for astro-imaging purposes
  • This filter does not require any housing modifications in order to enable use
  • Installation can be done without tools using only your fingers while removal is accomplished with the aid of an included small hook
  • Developed with regards to peak technical standards for the superb optical perfomance needed for deep sky astrophotography
  • Allows ionized sulfur (SII) light to pass through while completely cutting off the remainder of the visual spectrum plus IR
  • FWHM bandwidth of approximately 6 nm
  • An optimal fit for imaging planetary nebulae and supernova remnants
  • Arrives with a durable filter storage case of superior quality
  • Made in Germany, a country that is known for producing optics of great distinction

More About the Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter

The Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter is the optimal narrowband filter for CCD astrophotography applications. Features a reduced 6 nm FWHM (full width at half maximum) combined with a typical 96% transmission for an incredible contrast enhancement since all spurious light from wavelengths other than the SII line (672 nm) is cut off from UV up to the IR. This provides a background that is extremely dark. Transmission losses and chromatic distortions, while an issue with other filters, only arise with Astronomik filters when especially bright aperture ratios of 1:2 or more come into play.

CCD filters from Astronomik highlight the contrast between objects. The SII filter highlights the contrast between ionized sulfur (SII) emission line objects and the skyglow background. Plus, this filter also completely obstructs artifical light sources such as mercury (Hg), sodium (Na), and skyglow, making it an excellent filter for use in heavily light polluted conditions. A superior quality substrate allows the Astronomik SII 6 nm CCD Filter to provide the same needle sharp star views you would see with your normal telescope.

All superfluous wavelengths in the visible and IR bands of the spectrum are completely obstructed with this Astronomik 6 nm SII CCD Filter. Parfocal with all other Astronomik filters and diffraction limited to keep the optical performance of your telescope from degrading. The coatings on this filter provide remarkable protection from scratching as well as high humidity and aging effects. All Astronomik filters are delivered in a durable, high-quality plastic filter case.

Astronomik EOS R/RP Clip Filter System

Astronomik EOS R XL clip filters are suitable for use with full frame mirrorless Canon EOS R and RP camera models. Facilitates imaging from both urban and rural areas, and does not require any modifications to the camera housing for use. Once the filter has been slid into place and is level, you can then reinstall the camera lens and you'll be ready to start imaging.

Without any tools and using only a finger, this filter can be easily installed. Removal does require the aid of an included small hook, but only initially. As soon as the filter is out far enough for you to grip with your fingers, you can go ahead and take it out the rest of the way and place it back in the case.