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Astronomik UHC-E Filter - Sony Alpha 7 Clip - UHCE-SONY

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Astronomik UHC-E Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter

Astronomik UHC-E filters make a great low-cost alternative for viewing deep sky emission nebulae and comets in severe light pollution. This filter is especially well-suited for smaller telescopes up to 5" (125 mm) in aperture. Blocks superfluous light such as that from street lamps, as well as skyglow, while enhancing emission nebulae and comet contrast.

Providing an FWHM (full width at half maximum) of 45 nm, this Astronomik UHC-E filter emphasizes the contrast between the object you want to see and the background sky, but in a reduced manner when compared to the UHC filter. However, a larger amount of starlight is transmitted. Therefore, the UHC-E filter works better for telescopes with smaller apertures.

Astronomik Clip Filter System

Astronomik's exclusive Clip-Filter system is made from black anodized aluminum and laser-cut using ultra modern machinery. This filter can be directly inserted into the camera body of MkI, MkII, and MkIII versions of Sony Alpha 7, 7r, and 7s models in just seconds. No modifications are required and all lens functions such as focus, screen, and image stabilization, continue to be operational! In addition, this system also serves as a dust protector, preventing dust from accumulating on your sensor during long exposures.

Astronomik UHC-E Filter Highlights

  • This Astronomik Sony Alpha 7 UHC-E Clip Filter is best suited for use with smaller telescopes featuring apertures of up to 5" (125 mm)
  • Increases contrast between deep sky emission nebulae and the background when imaging in heavily light polluted conditions
  • Since this filter has a high FWHM of 45 nm, comet observation becomes a possibility when it passes a Carbon spectral line
  • 94% peak transmission
  • 480 nm to 525 nm and 645 nm plus transmission range
  • 1 mm thick glass
  • Multi-layer coatings provide total protection from the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • This filter is diffraction limited and thus will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope
  • All Astronomik filters arrive with a high quality, long-lasting plastic storage container

Transmission Specifications

  • 94% transmission at 486 nm (H-beta)
  • 95% transmission at 496 nm (OIII)
  • 95% transmission at 501 nm (OIII)
  • 90% transmission at 656 nm (H-alpha)
  • Transmits from 465 nm to 530 nm as well as over 645 nm
  • Blocks all undesirable wavelengths