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Astronomik UHC-E M52 Round Mounted - UHCE-M52


Astronomik UHC-E M52 Filter

Astronomik UHC-E filters are ideal for those on a budget who still want to observe comets and deep sky emission nebulae in areas with heavy light pollution. Optimally equipped for smaller instruments with apertures up to 5" (125 mm), this filter obstructs unwanted light from sources such as streep lamps and background skyglow, while increasing the contrast of emission nebulae and comets.

With a 45 nm FWHM (full width at half maximum), the contrast between your target object and the night sky is not enhanced as intensely as with a UHC filter. On the other hand, a greater amount of starlight is allowed to pass through. This makes UHC-E filters better suited for smaller aperture telescopes.

Astronomik UHC-E M52 Filter Highlights

  • This M52 Round Filter from Astronomik works best with smaller telescopes that have apertures of up to 5" (125 mm)
  • Enhances the contrast between deep sky emission nebulae and the background sky when light pollution is severe
  • Due to the UHC-E filter's high FWHM of 45 nm, comet observation is attainable when it passes through a spectral line of Carbon
  • 94% maximum transmission
  • 480 nm to 525 nm and 645 nm plus transmission range
  • 1 mm glass thickness
  • Parfocal with all other Astronomik filters
  • Complete protection from the impacts of scratching, aging, and high humidity is provided via multi-layer coatings
  • Diffraction limited, this filter will not lessen your telescope's optical performance
  • All Astronomik filters arrive with a high quality, long-lasting plastic storage container

Transmission Specifications

  • 94% transmission at 486 nm (H-beta)
  • 95% transmission at 496 nm (OIII)
  • 95% transmission at 501 nm (OIII)
  • 90% transmission at 656 nm (H-alpha)
  • Transmits from 465 nm to 530 nm as well as over 645 nm
  • Blocks all undesirable wavelengths