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Astronomik UHC Filter - 36 mm Round - UHC-36

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Astronomik UHC Filter - 36 mm Round

  • A great visual filter made for broad-band deep sky viewing, the Astronomik UHC is presented in a 36 mm machined cell
  • Designed with the highest technical principles in mind to provide the superior optical performance you desire for deep sky observing
  • With a nearly complete transmission of H-Beta and O-III emission lines, you will see an abundance of extra gas and planetary nebulae detail
  • Multi-layer coatings on all Astronomik filters insulate them from blemishes caused by scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • German-made for supreme quality optics!

More About the Astronomik 36 mm Round UHC Filter

This Astronomik UHC Filter is made to be used for visual deep sky observation. With this filter, almost 100% of H-beta and OIII emission lines pass through. And a second bandpass ensures that the H-alpha line also reaches your eye. Meanwhile, undesired light from other wavelengths is obstructed. Gas and planetary nebulae are visible with a surprising abundance of detail due to the strong sky background reduction. The high transmission of this filter enables it to provide enough light to successfully view deep sky objects with smaller instruments.

Designed for use with telescopes that have a focal ratio range of f/4 to f/15. Contrary to other available filters, transmission loss and color shift only becomes a problem with Astronomik filters when extremely fast f/3 or less focal ratios are involved. Astronomik UHC filters work with 2" aperture instruments and above, but work particularly well with 5" apertures and larger. UHC filters available from other manufacturers fail to show as many stars or as much nebula detail as the Astronomik UHC. Because of the superior quality of the glass, you will see stars as small pinpoints with this filter.

Astronomik UHC filter coatings are fully sealed making it impervious to moisture. The transmission characteristics of this filter are continually maintained and do not alter with time. The coatings are so hard that procuring even the tiniest of scratching would require rubbing them with sandpaper on purpose! Scratching them by mistake is simply not possible. All Astronomik filters are delivered with a long-lasting plastic storage container of supreme quality.