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Astronomik UHC Filter - M52 Round Mounted - UHC-M52

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Astronomik UHC M52 Filter

  • A great visual filter made for broadband deep sky observing, this Astronomik UHC is mounted in a round cell with M52 threads.
  • Designed with regards to the highest technical standards to ensure the optical efficiency you desire for viewing deep sky objects.
  • Due to a nearly 100% transmission of H-Beta and OIII lines, you'll be able to view a lot of additional gas and planetary nebulae detail.
  • Multi-layer coatings provide full resistance to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity.
  • Made in Germany, a country known for producing supreme quality optics!

More About the Astronomik M52 Round Mounted UHC Filter

Designed for visual deep sky observation, the Astronomik UHC Filter allows nearly 100% of H-beta and O-III lines to get through, while blocking scattered light from other wavelengths. Plus, a second bandpass for the H-alpha line ensures it also reaches the eye. Because of the strong reduction of the sky background, gas and planetary nebulae are visible with a surprising abundance of detail. The Astronomik UHC Filter offers sufficient light for satisfactory observing of deep sky objects with smaller telescopes thanks to its high transmission.

This filter works best with telescopes featuring focal ratios between f/4 and f/15. Loss of transmission and color displacement, which can be a problem with other filters on the market, only crop up with Astronomik filters when ultra fast focal ratios of f/3 or less are in play. Astronomik's UHC filters work with 2" aperture telescopes and above, though work best with telescopes that have 5" apertures and above. When measured against other available filters, the Astronomik UHC filter displays more stars along with more nebula characteristics, and due to the high quality of the glass, you will be able to view stars as tiny pinpoints.

The coatings on the Astronomik UHC Filter are completely closed off, making them immune to the influences of moisture. These filters keep their transmission characteristics indefinitely. Scratching these coatings by mistake would be impossible due to their hardness. You would have to purposefully rub them with sandpaper to obtain even the tiniest of scratches! All Astronomik filters come with a durable plastic storage case of superior quality.