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Astronomik UHC Filter - SC Rear Cell - UHC-SCT

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Astronomik UHC SC Rear Cell Filter

  • An excellent visual filter designed for broad-band deep sky observing, the Astronomik UHC is mounted in a SCT rear cell.
  • Designed to the highest technical standards, this filter enables the high optical performance necessary for deep sky visual observing
  • With a near 100% transmission of H-Beta and OIII lines, you will see a lot more gas and planetary nebulae characteristics
  • Multi-layer coatings on all Astronomik filters offer helpful insulation against the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity
  • German-made for supreme optical quality!

More About the Astronomik UHC Filter - SC Rear Cell

The Astronmik UHC Filter is best-suited for deep sky viewing applications as it allows close to 100% of radiation from both H-beta and O-III lines to pass through. An additional bandpass ensures that H-alpha radiation also reaches the eye, while separate light from other wavelength ranges is expunged. The sky background's strong reduction allows an abundance of gas and planetary nebulae detail to be surprisingly clear. Due to the Astronomik UHC Filter's high transmission, an adequate amount of light is provided for employing smaller telescopes to successfully view deep sky objects.

Designed for use with instruments featuring focal ratios of f/4 to f/15. Unlike other available filters, transmission loss and displacement of color is only a problem with Astronomik filters when very fast focal ratios of f/3 or less come into play. Astronomik UHC filters work with 2" aperture instruments and above, but work particularly well with 5" apertures and larger. Contrary to UHC filters sold by other manufacturers, Astronomik UHC filters display more stars as well as more nebula detail. In fact, due to the high optical quality of the glass, you will see stars as tiny pinpoints.

The coatings on the Astronomik UHC Filter are completely closed off, making them immune to the influences of moisture. These filters keep their transmission characteristics indefinitely. Scratching these coatings by mistake would be impossible due to their hardness. You would have to purposefully rub them with sandpaper to obtain even the tiniest of scratches! All Astronomik filters come with a durable plastic storage case of superior quality.