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Astronomik UHC Filter - Sony Alpha 7 Clip - UHC-SONY

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Astronomik UHC Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter

  • The Astronomik UHC Sony Alpha 7 clip filter works with 2" aperture telescopes and above, but works best with 5" (125 mm) aperture instruments and larger
  • Made to the highest technical standards for the high optical performance you want and need for observing deep sky objects
  • Due to an almost complete transmission of H-Beta and O-III emission lines, more gas and planetary nebulae detail will become apparent
  • All Astronomik filters feature multi-layer coatings to insulate them from scratching and aging effects, as well as high humidity
  • German-made for supreme optical quality!

More About the Astronomik UHC Filter - Sony Alpha 7 Clip

Designed for visual deep sky observation, the Astronomik UHC Filter allows nearly 100% of H-beta and O-III lines to get through, while blocking scattered light from other wavelengths. Plus, a second bandpass for the H-alpha line ensures it also reaches the eye. Because of the strong reduction of the sky background, gas and planetary nebulae are visible with a surprising abundance of detail. The Astronomik UHC Filter offers sufficient light for satisfactory observing of deep sky objects with smaller telescopes thanks to its high transmission.

This filter is best suited for use with instruments that have f/4 to f/15 focal ratios. Transmission loss and color shift, which can be a nuisance with other available filters, is only a concern with this UHC filter when exceptionally fast focal ratios of f/3 or less are involved. When measured against UHC filters available from other manufacturers, Astronomik UHC filters provide users with a view containing more visible stars as well as more clear nebulae detail. In addition, because of the high optical quality of the glass, you'll be able to view stars as small pinpoints.

Astronomik UHC filter coatings are fully sealed making it impervious to moisture. The transmission characteristics of this filter are continually maintained and do not alter with time. The coatings are so hard that procuring even the tiniest of scratching would require rubbing them with sandpaper on purpose! Scratching them by mistake is simply not possible. All Astronomik filters are delivered with a long-lasting plastic storage container of supreme quality.

Astronomik Sony Alpha 7 Clip Filter System

Astronomik's patented Clip-Filter system has been designed from black anodized aluminum and laser-cut on up-to-date modernized machines. Within seconds, it can be introduced directly into the body of a Sony Alpha 7 models 7, 7r, and 7s in MkI, MkII, and MkIII versions respectively. No adjustments are required and all lens functions like focus, screen, and image stabilization, remain operational! This Clip-Filter system also serves as an effective dust protector, keeping dust from collecting on the sensor during extended exposures.