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Atik 36 mm Unmounted Narrow Band Filter Set - ATK0177

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Atik 36 mm Narrowband Filter Kit

Designed with a 7 nm band pass to help capture every nebula photon while blocking a considerable majority of broad band light pollution, these Atik narrow band filters expose faint detail in nebulae and other deep sky objects by providing a much higher signal to noise ratio. This Narrow Band Filter Set consists of three 36 mm unmounted filters - Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), Sulphur (SII), and Oxygen (OIII).

Suitable for use with any Atik filter wheel, these filters allow astrophotographers to capture deep-sky objects in spectacular narrow band. In fact, these filters are frequently used to image objects in the Hubble palette.

Atik 36 mm Narrowband Filter Kit Specifications

  • Bandwidth:

    • SII: 7 nm
    • Ha: 7 nm
    • OIII: 7 nm
  • Peak Transmission: >80%
  • CWL (Center of Wavelength):

    • SII: 671.6 nm
    • Ha: 656.3 nm
    • OIII: 500.7 nm
  • Size: 36 mm unmounted
  • Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
  • Parallelism (arcsec): 30s

Images may depict a different filter set than the one you receive