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Baader UHC-S L-Booster Filter - 36 mm Round Unmounted - FUHC-RD36


Baader Planetarium 36 mm UHC-S L-Booster Filter

Planeoptically polished for peak image quality. Compared to a typical Nebula filter, this UHC-S L-Booster filter generates a much brighter image with superior contrast. Optimal for openings from 100 mm. This filter represents a new class of LPR Nebula filters that have at last provided a satisfying compromise between having enough light for smaller telescope openings and achieving the high contrast of a classic UHC filter. Light pollution from street lights is thoroughly obstructed. For visual use as well as astrophotography, this filter is a practical addition to all previous deep sky and UHC filters. Brighter images are produced by this family of filters, all of which feature optical polishing and ultra-hard dielectric coatings.

Baader Planetarium 36 mm UHC-S L-Booster Filter Highlights

  • UHC-S Nebula Filter offers peak transmission and true star color for both visual and photographic use
  • Ultra High Contrast L Filter obstructs city lights and enhances Nebula contrast
  • Planeoptical polishing enables maximum image quality
  • Generates a much brighter image when compared with a typical Nebula filter