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Explore Scientific 2" OIII Nebula Filter - 310200

SKU: EXS-310200

Explore Scientific 2" OIII Nebula Filter

The Explore Scientific OIII is a line filter that only allows the two emission lines of oxygen through. This filter is a great choice for observations of supernova remnants and other nebulae that glow in OIII. When used on objects that glow in all parts of the visible spectrum, such as galaxies, this filter will dim all emissions except for other words, some areas will suffer from the addition of an OIII filter, while other areas that might be difficult to see without a filter will become visible when viewed through the OIII filter.

The Explore Scientific 2" OIII Filter has a transmission of 96.7% from 483nm to 511nm. Peak transmission is 496nm. This filter is mounted in a 2" metal cell and fits all standard 2" eyepieces and filter wheels.

Warranty Information:

Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered on within 60 days of purchase.