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Tele Vue Bandmate H-Beta Filter - 1.25" - B2H-0125

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SKU: TLV-B2H-0125

Tele Vue 1.25" H-Beta Bandmate Filter

This Bandmate filter is a 1.25" filter designed to accentuate the aqua-colored hydrogen-beta emission lines found in hydrogen-emitting nebulae. This means you can enjoy the elusive Horsehead Nebula or the stunning California Nebula in all of their splendor. The narrowband filter produces a significant contrast gain even in the most ideal observation settings. Use this Tele Vue Bandmate filter to view celestial objects that take up the entire field. You will be impressed by the quality views even at the edge of the field.

All filter materials have been sourced from Germany and tested by Astronomik on a spectrograph to ensure the coating meets design specifications, mechanically tested for fit, cosmetically inspected for digs, sleeks, and pinholes and serialized. The Tele Vue H-Beta filter is then sent to Tele Vue headquarters to be optically tested in high-power space to ensure no image degradation. This gives you a quality filter of the highest standard created by two of the most respected names in the industry!

Each filter comes with a 10-year warranty against any and all manufacturing defects.