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Zhumell 1.25" High Performance O-III Telescope Filter - ZHUL062-1


Zhumell 1.25" O-III Telescope Filter

Optimally suited for visual observations of planetary nebulae, most emission nebulae, and vestiges of supernovae with at least 6" to 8" aperture telescopes, this Zhumell 1.25" O-III filter enables light transmission in the double ionized oxygen wavelengths.

This filter is especially fit for viewing objects with considerable emissions in the double-ionized oxygen range such as double-star systems. Since the Zhumell 1.25" O-III Filter enhances the contrast between the background sky and these objects, it also aids in observations of bright nebulae like the M42 Orion Nebula when light pollution is severe. For fainter objects, fairly dark skies with good seeing conditions are required for optimal filter performance. With this filter, you may be able to see objects you'd miss otherwise.

To ensure scratch resistance and stability on the central wavelength, the glass used for the Zhumell 1.25" O-III Filter has been multi-coated using an ion-assisted deposition technology. The filter cell consists of strong but lightweight CNC-machined black anodized, sandblasted, and laser engraved metal.