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Zhumell 1.25" High Performance Ultra High Contrast UHC Filter - ZHUL063-1


Zhumell 1.25" Ultra High Contrast Filter

UHC, or Ultra High Contrast, filters limit the impact of both natural and artificial light pollution. By using this Zhumell 1.25" UHC Filter, the contrast between the background sky and the visibility of your favorite deep-sky objects becomes a lot more apparent. Specific wavelengths of light are filtered out in order to highlight nebulae and other faint objects that would typically go unseen by the unaided eye.

Skyglow resulting from a combination of neutral oxygen in the atmosphere and the high and low-pressure sodium vapor and mercury vapor of streetlights is significantly restricted. This enables observation in places with severe light pollution.

With this Zhumell 1.25" UHC Filter, favored wavelengths are allowed to pass at a maximum transmission of OIII, H-Alpha, NII, H-Beta, and SII emission lines.

Multi-coated glass construction ensures that the Zhumell 1.25" UHC filter will be scratch resistant and stable on the central wavelength. This filter cell is made of tough, lightweight CNC-machined metal that has been sand-blasted, black anodized, and then laser engraved.