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Baader Planetarium 1.25" Six Piece Eyepiece Filter Set - FCFS-1

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Baader 1.25" Eyepiece Filter Set - 6 Colors

This set of Baader Eyepiece Filters - Round, 1.25" size includes six (6) precision color filters, which will be ideal for using when you wish to observe lunar and planetary details.

  • Baader Planetarium Color Filters Represent the Finest In Quality and Precision

  • Straie-free substrates are polished parallel to 30 arcsec to eliminate wedge errors

  • 7 Layer Multicoatings with anti-reflection multicoatings

  • Red (610 nm) Longpass

  • Orange (570 nm) Longpass

  • Yellow (495 nm) Longpass

  • Green (500 nm) Bandpass

  • Bright Blue (470 nm) Bandpass

  • Dark Blue (435 nm) Bandpass

  • 1.25" Diameter for 1.25" Eyepieces and 1.25" Diagonal format

Baader 1.25" Eyepiece Filter Set - 6 Colors - Features:

  • Freedom from Ghost images, even when stacked; striae-free substrates are polished parallel to 30 arcsec to avoid wedge errors

  • Finest 7-layer hard multicoatings on both faces feature 0.25% residual reflections

  • Carefully designed spectral characteristics; filters may be stacked without image degradation or ghosting, in order to provide even narrower passbands; combined with any of the other Baader filters for interesting possibilities

  • No reduction in sharpness, even at high magnifications or when using the filter far ahead of the focal plane as for digital imaging, or in front of a diagonal or binoviewer

  • Extremely High Transmissions result in maximum contrast and isolation of planetary details, even with smaller telescopes. Efficiencies of the three longpass filters (Red, Orange, and Yellow) peaks at 98%, and efficiencies of the three bandpass filters (Green, Blue, Dark Blue) achieve 70%