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Meade RGB-IR 1.25" Color Filter Set - 04530

SKU: MEA-04530

Meade 1.25" RGB-IR Blocking Filter Set

This Meade four-piece color filter set comes with Red, Green, and Blue interference filters plus an IR blocking filter. The set was originally designed for the Meade DSI, and would fit into the slider you see in the picture. If you have a monochrome Meade DSI the 04531 RGB filter set would work perfectly, and your camera should have come with the slider. However, this filter set will fit any standard filter wheel or camera that accepts mounted 1.25" filters, making it a very economical choice when it comes to tricolor imaging through many of today's CCD or CMOS cameras.

Designed with strong 3mm thick glass and layered with multiple high transmission coatings, these filters are fitted into black anodized 1.25" filter rings. They are also parfocal, which means you will not need to re-focus when switching between filters.