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Finders & Guidescopes

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Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50 mm APO Guidescope

Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50 mm APO Refractor - S11170

SKU: SKY-S11170
  • Optical Aperture: 50 mm
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The Best Finderscopes & Guidescopes for Your Telescope

At High Point Scientific, we believe you deserve the best selection of accessories for your scope. With this in mind, we provide our customers with a wide range of telescope finder scopes and guide scopes to make sure you zoom in your favorite celestial objects. A finderscope is an essential when searching for a particular object in the night sky. Attach one to your telescope along the same line of sight for wide views. These wide views make it easy to manually aim, or slew your telescope to a desired astronomical object. Finders can also be a handy portable telescope or terrestrial telescope in a pinch!

While finders are typically used with telescopes designed for visual observations, a guidescope is generally used for astro-imaging. Guidescopes function very similar to finders: they look like a small scope but are not used for visual observations. Instead, a guidescope is attached to a camera. This is a favorite tool among astrophotographers because many guide scopes can also be used for visual observations with the correct adapter.

Finders and guidescopes come in several different varieties, producing either an upside down and reversed image, mirror image, or correct image. Which type you choose is important to your slewing style. We also have a large assortment of finder brackets to secure your finder or guidescope with ease. Not sure where to start? Our experts are ready to help you find the best finder or guidescope for your needs.


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