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PrimaLuceLab 60mm Compact Guide Scope with PLUS 80mm Guide Rings - PLLCG60


PrimaLuceLab 60mm Compact Guide Scope with PLUS 80mm Guide Rings

Get ready for a guide scope that will knock your socks off! The achromat guide scope from PrimaLuceLab is an affordable 60mm compact guide scope that includes 80mm PLUS guide rings. The guide scope has a focal length of 240mm, a focal ratio of f/4, non-rotative 31.8mm helical focuser, and the guide rings have three nylon tipped screws for a stable connection. With a guide scope like this, you'll be able to find your target celestial objects with relative ease.

With a fast focal adjustment, the guide scope can even be used as a great optical finder by reaching a focus point with normal 31.8 eyepieces. So, with the ability to be used as a finder with eyepieces and a great companion to guide cameras, this guide scope will be an excellent addition to any visual or astrophotography toolbox!

This guide scope is designed to be used with many different guide cameras, which can be inserted in the 31.8 focuser connection or screwed on the T2 thread of the focuser. The helical focuser will keep the orientation of the cameras and will not rotate the camera. This is an essential function when using auto guiding software. The focuser has a 10mm travel and the fast focus device (which is activated by sliding the tube with a lock screw) has a travel of 23mm.


  • Scope Type: Guide Scope
  • Aperture: 60mm
  • Focal Length: 240mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4
  • Lens: Achromatic Lens
  • Focuser: Non-rotative 31.8 Helical Focuser
  • Guide Rings: 80mm PLUS Guide Rings
  • Additional Mounting Hardware: 2 Plates for Installation on the EAGLE
  • Included Hardware: 4 M5x12 screws, 4 M6x12 screws, 6 total nylon tipped screws