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Stellarvue F50 50mm Guidescope with GVA Visual Adapter - F050G


Stellarvue 50 mm Guide Scope Straight-Through w/ Helical Focuser

  • Stellarvue F50 Guidescope provides straight-through viewing with an inverted image
  • Features a straight-through Helical-type Focuser
  • Includes an adapter that allows straight-through viewing with an eyepiece, and another for use with a small guide camera
  • The helical focuser on the F50 Guidescope is mounted in line with the light cone, eliminating the need for a correct image erecting prism
  • Note: Eyepiece is sold separately

Enjoy sharp imagery and straight through viewing with the Stellarvue F50 Guidescope. This Guidescope includes a straight-through Helical Focuser which provides for straight through viewing, but with an inverted image. The focuser includes two adapters, one for visual use (the F50GVA) and another for use with a small guide camera. Eliminating the correct-image erecting prism is possible because the focuser is mounted in-line with the light cone.