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Telescope Accessories & Parts

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Telescope Accessories at High Point Scientific

We carry an enormous selection of telescope accessories at High Point Scientific! Whether you need an optical telescope accessory, like an eyepiece, Barlow lens, diagonal, filter, or reducer; or an accessory to keep dew off of your telescope, such as a dew shield or heated strap and controller, we've got you covered with our large selection of telescope parts for sale. You'll also find dovetail plates, saddle plates and other mounting hardware, focusers, finder scopes, telescope cases, batteries and power supplies, as well as hundreds of telescope and camera adapters that will suit your needs.

Speaking of cameras, it's amazing how many dedicated astronomy cameras, both CCD and CMOS, are available today. High Point carries hundreds of imaging cameras, including one-shot color cameras, cooled cameras, and monochrome cameras that can accept a color filter wheel and filters for tri-color imaging. We even have a nice selection of top-of-the-line large format CCD imaging cameras for results that rival those found in space magazines. Want to start out with equipment you already have? Your iPhone or Android smartphone can be used to take pictures through your telescope with the addition of a smartphone adapter.

In other words, astronomy isn't just for professionals or scientists. You can dive in with a small telescope and then accessorize it to suit your own requirements with our telescope parts for sale. Whether you use a telescope to look at the Moon every once in awhile (a Moon Filter would help with that!) or you're out every night taking spectacular pictures of distant galaxies, there is something for everyone in astronomy. Start off by choosing the accessories you need to enjoy your telescope, and then grow from there. High Point is here to help you buy telescope accessories to suit your needs. We can help you choose the best accessories for your telescope and make sure they will enhance your current visual and imaging set-up.

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