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Reducers & Correctors

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Baader Planetarium Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor

Baader Planetarium Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor - AGII

  • Reduces f/10 SCT's to f/5.9 and produces a sharp, wide, flat field!
  • 35 mm clear optical aperture
  • Designed by Astro-Physics' Roland Christen
  • Air-spaced doublet with 7-layer anti-reflection multi-coatings
  • Four pieces consist of lens cell, two 19 mm spacers (removable) & flanged end ring
  • For f/10 & slower Schmidt-Cassegrain's. Will not work with Meade f/6.3 models
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Baader Planetarium 2" Mark III Multi Purpose Coma Corrector - MPCC

  • Baader MPCC Mark III 2" Coma Corrector for f/4 - f/6 Newtonians
  • This Coma Corrector does not require additional back focus & does not increase magnification
  • Delivers 12 micron stars across a full 35 mm frame size
  • Telescope side is 2" slip-fit, Camera side is 48mm
  • Except a T-ring to match your DSLR, no other accessories are needed
  • Works with Baader Astro T-2 System components for CCD/CMOS cameras

Baader Planetarium Rowe Triplet Coma Corrector for Newtonians - RCC-I

  • Rowe Coma Corrector for f/3.5 to f/6 Newtonian's with long working distance
  • Image ratio is 1 : 1
  • Focus position is 91.5 mm from T2 thread, 94.5 mm from M48 thread
  • Telescope side is 2" with M48 filter thread
  • Camera side is M42 and M48
  • Triplet design with Baader phantom coatings on each air-to-glass surface

Baader 2" Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector - Mk III - Visual and Photographic Edition - MPCC-SET2

  • The Baader Planetarium Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC) has been expressly designed for use with f/4 to f/6 focal ratio Newtonian reflectors.
  • This Visual and Photographic version comes with a Baader 1.25” T-2 Focusing Eyepiece Holder and VariLock 29 T2 Variable Extension Tube.
  • Delivers 12 micron stars across a full 35 mm frame size.
  • 2” slip-fit telescope side and 48 mm camera side.
  • The only required accessory is a T-ring that corresponds with your DSLR camera.
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Baader SolarSpectrum 0.7x TeleCompressor - 2"

Baader 2" SolarSpectrum 0.7x TeleCompressor - CMPRSR

  • This Baader Planetarium Telecompressor mounts directly to the 2" SolarSpectrum H-Alpha filter for a 0.7x focal length reduction of a telecentric system.
  • Working distance to the camera's sensor measures 110 mm long.
  • 2" male threads on both sides enable attachment to the Baader Universal Flange Adapter included with the SolarSpectrum H-Alpha filter.
  • Telescompressors allow you to make minor adjustments to the focal length when viewing conditions are less than ideal, as well as increase the size of the field for photographic or webcam applications.
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Baader Planetarium Solar Spectrum 0.4x Telecompressor - 2"

Baader 2" SolarSpectrum 0.4x Research Grade Telecompressor - CMPRSR2

  • With a 46 mm clear aperture throughout, this Research Grade Baader Planetarium 0.4x Telecompressor is optimally suited for SolarSpectrum RG46 H-Alpha filters in spite of their size.
  • Attaching directly to the SolarSpectrum filter, this 0.4x Telecompressor brings about a substantial reduction in focal ratio from f/30 to f/10.
  • The 74 mm working distance to the camera sensor is ideal for video capture as well as full disc solar imaging.
  • 16 mm corrected image field coincides with the TZ-3 Telecentric system.
  • 2" male threads on each side fit the Baader Universal Flange Adapter included with the SolarSpectrum H-Alpha filter.
  • This Baader 0.4x Telecompressor can both improve poor viewing conditions and expand the field of view for photographic or Lucky exposure imaging by enabling focal length adjustments.
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Baader 2" to 1.25" Reducer for BDS-NT Diamond Steeltrack Focuser

Baader 2" to 1.25" Reducer for BDS-NT Diamond Steeltrack Focuser - BDS-RDCR

  • 2" to 1.25" Focal Reducer from Baader Planetarium designed especially for the BDS-NT Diamond Steeltrack Focuser.
  • Contributes only 4.5" of optical height.
  • A 2" filter holder with M48 inner thread is included with this 1.25" reducer.

A focal reducer is an excellent tool to help you achieve the magnification you need, and at High Point Scientific, we provide you with the best selection. A focal reducer, also known as a telecompressor, effectively reduces the focal length of your OTA, resulting in a wider field of view. They are also a great addition to any astrophotography set up as it can cut your exposure time down considerably. Enjoy wide views of large objects such as nebulae with a faster lens speed!

We also have a wide variety of correctors designed for flat-field correction or coma correction. A field corrector is vital for astro-imaging with certain telescope designs because it optimizes edge-of-field image quality. When observing with a Newtonian, coma correctors help reduce comatic aberration or coma. Without a coma corrector, Newtonians may show stars with comet-like tails. Add a coma corrector to your set up to make sure you view celestial objects with pinpoint definition. Also, be sure to check out our extension tubes and adapters to make sure you achieve the necessary back focus for your set up.

You will find focal reducers and correctors from all of the latest brands, including Celestron, Tele Vue, Baader, Takahashi, Sky-Watcher, and many more! Our experts have hand-selected each accessory to give you a quality selection of great products. We are ready to help you get the best views out of your telescope!

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