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Reducers & Correctors

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Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer Corrector for ED80 f/7.5 Refractor - 5195

SKU: ORI-5195
  • This Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer & Corrector is made to be used with 80 mm ED APO refractor optical tubes, but is not compatible with the Orion 80 mm EON ED refractor.
  • Features a two-element design with one element consisting of extra-low dispersion ED optical glass.
  • Best suited for photographing the night sky using DSLR cameras that have sensor chips measuring up to 36x24 mm.
  • Reduces the effective focal length of ED80 telescopes by a factor of 0.85x, converting a 600 mm f/7.5 scope into a 510 mm f/6.3 scope for a more expansive field of view.
  • With all air-to-glass surfaces containing multiple layers of coatings, the Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer provides enhanced brightness and contrast.
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Orion 0.8X Focal Reducer for Refractors with 2" Focusers - 8894

SKU: ORI-8894
  • Decreasing the effective focal length by a factor of 0.8x allows this Orion Focal Reducer to improve the astrophotography capabilities of refractors by enabling a shorter and faster focal ratio.
  • Any refractor telescope outfitted with a 2" focuser is compatible with the Orion 0.8x Focal Reducer.
  • Gives refractors the ability to achieve a broader field of view, as well as to take significantly less time to capture brilliant photos with great detail.
  • 38 mm clear aperture optics with full multi-coatings are contained within smooth exterior made of machined and anodized aluminum.
  • Back focus requirement is 55 mm.

Orion 0.5x Focal Reducer for StarShoot G3-G4 Imaging Cameras - 1.25" - 52066

SKU: ORI-52066
  • This 0.5x Focal Reducer from Orion expands the imaging area of Orion StarShoot G3 and G4 cameras by a factor of 4.
  • A larger imaging area gives the StarShoot G3 or G4 the ability to capture both wider star fields and some deep sky objects.
  • Dual lens design with fully coated optics.
  • Compatible with both monochrome and color Orion StarShoot G3 and G4 cameras.
  • Made of sturdy anodized aluminum, the Orion 0.5x Focal Reducer cell threads straight into the camera's nosepiece.

A focal reducer is an excellent tool to help you achieve the magnification you need, and at High Point Scientific, we provide you with the best selection. A focal reducer, also known as a telecompressor, effectively reduces the focal length of your OTA, resulting in a wider field of view. They are also a great addition to any astrophotography set up as it can cut your exposure time down considerably. Enjoy wide views of large objects such as nebulae with a faster lens speed!

We also have a wide variety of correctors designed for flat-field correction or coma correction. A field corrector is vital for astro-imaging with certain telescope designs because it optimizes edge-of-field image quality. When observing with a Newtonian, coma correctors help reduce comatic aberration or coma. Without a coma corrector, Newtonians may show stars with comet-like tails. Add a coma corrector to your set up to make sure you view celestial objects with pinpoint definition. Also, be sure to check out our extension tubes and adapters to make sure you achieve the necessary back focus for your set up.

You will find focal reducers and correctors from all of the latest brands, including Celestron, Tele Vue, Baader, Takahashi, Sky-Watcher, and many more! Our experts have hand-selected each accessory to give you a quality selection of great products. We are ready to help you get the best views out of your telescope!

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