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Reducers & Correctors

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Tele Vue Large Field Flattener for Tele Vue 101 or 127 IS Telescopes - LCL-1069

  • Tele Vue Large Field Corrector designed specifically for NP101is and NP127is telescopes.
  • Provides a flattened image field for both the 101 mm and 127 mm Nagler-Petzval APO refractors.
  • Enhances edge-of-field quality for imaging use.
  • Optimally suited for use with CCD sensors measuring 35 mm or larger.

Tele Vue 0.8x Focal Reducer Lens Body for Tele Vue NP Scopes - NPR-1073

  • Tele Vue Focal Reducer for NP and NPis series telescopes.
  • Reduces the effective focal length of Nagler-Petzval refractors by a factor of 0.8x.
  • Best suited for typical 55 mm back focal length SLR camera bodies that accept T-rings.
  • DSLR camera use requires a 2.4” adapter, while CCD camera use requires the proper spacing needed to maintain 55 mm of back focus.

Tele Vue Focal Reducer Body Adapter for 2" Focuser - RAD-1074

  • This adapter makes TeleVue focal reducers compatible with standard 2" focusers.
  • Enables the use of Tele Vue 0.8x Reducers (NPR-1073 or RFL-4087) on NP101, NP127, or TV102 telescopes.
  • Not suitable for use with NP101, NP127, and TV102 "is" models.

Tele Vue 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener for Tele Vue 102 Scope - RFL-4087

  • TeleVue combination Focal Reducer and Field Flattener for 102 mm telescopes.
  • Provides a 0.8x effective focal length reduction.
  • Flattens the TV102 telescope's image field in order to optimize imaging results.
  • Designed to fit standard 2" focusers as well as threaded TV102iis accessories.
  • For CCD camera use, the CWT-1070, STL-1071, or TRG-1072 adapter is required to enable connection.

Tele Vue 0.8x Focal Reducer/Flattener for Tele Vue 85/Pronto - TRF-2008

  • This Tele Vue 0.8x Focal Reducer and Field Flattener works in conjunction with TV-85 and Pronto telescopes.
  • Transforms the TV-85 into a 480 mm f/5.6 system, and the Pronto into a 380 mm f/5.4 system.
  • Flattens the field in addition to reducing the effective focal length for fast, superior quality astro-imaging operations.
  • Fully multi-coated with 3 elements, this unit fits directly into 2” focusers.
  • Accepts standard T-rings for 35 mm cameras.

Tele Vue 3" Big Paracorr Type-2 - VIP-3010

  • Designed to be compatible with 3" focusers, the Tele Vue BIG Paracorr also works for both visual and imaging applications with the appropriate accessories.
  • The Parabola Corrector, or Paracorr, eliminates coma for significally enhanced edge-of-field stars that match the quality of stars elsewhere in the image field.
  • Best suited for up to 52 mm diagonal CCD sensor formats with Newtonian reflector optical systems as fast as f/3.
  • With 80 mm of back focus, the 3" BIG Paracorr permits the inclusion of additional accessories.
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Tele Vue Visual Imaging Paracorr Type-2 - VIP-2010

  • This TeleVue Visual Imaging Paracorr removes coma from the resulting image when performing astrophotography with Newtonian reflector or Dobsonian telescopes.
  • Drastically enhances stars at the edge of the field.
  • The TeleVue Paracorr optical assembly separates from the Tunable Top to enable use with SLR and CCD cameras.
  • Optimally suited for APS-sized formats measuring 27 mm in diameter used with extremely fast f/3 optical systems.
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Tele Vue 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter - ATT-2125

  • This Tele Vue 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter is identical to the one included the TeleVue 2" Paracorr Type 2.
  • Works in conjunction with the Tele Vue Visual/Imaging System Adapter (VISA) to enable the 3" BIG Paracorr for visual applications.
  • Attaches to the TeleVue VISA which is in turn attached to the 3" BIG Paracorr following removal of the flange.
  • Included adapter enables the use of 1.25” eyepieces.

A focal reducer is an excellent tool to help you achieve the magnification you need, and at High Point Scientific, we provide you with the best selection. A focal reducer, also known as a telecompressor, effectively reduces the focal length of your OTA, resulting in a wider field of view. They are also a great addition to any astrophotography set up as it can cut your exposure time down considerably. Enjoy wide views of large objects such as nebulae with a faster lens speed!

We also have a wide variety of correctors designed for flat-field correction or coma correction. A field corrector is vital for astro-imaging with certain telescope designs because it optimizes edge-of-field image quality. When observing with a Newtonian, coma correctors help reduce comatic aberration or coma. Without a coma corrector, Newtonians may show stars with comet-like tails. Add a coma corrector to your set up to make sure you view celestial objects with pinpoint definition. Also, be sure to check out our extension tubes and adapters to make sure you achieve the necessary back focus for your set up.

You will find focal reducers and correctors from all of the latest brands, including Celestron, Tele Vue, Baader, Takahashi, Sky-Watcher, and many more! Our experts have hand-selected each accessory to give you a quality selection of great products. We are ready to help you get the best views out of your telescope!

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