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Revolution Imager FunStar Adapter for 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes - RI-FS8


Revolution FunStar Adapter for 8" SCT Telescopes

Allow your Celestron SCT's full speed potential to be realized with the Revolution FunStar Adapter. The FunStar is designed for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrains that are Fastar compatible, enabling the Revolution Imager to take the place of the SCT's secondary mirror for extremely fast f/2 focal ratio performance. This provides you with the widest possible views to go with minimal exposure times.

The installation process is quick and easy. Simply unscrew your Celestron SCT's secondary mirror and replace it with the FunStar. As soon as you've inserted your Revolution Imager, you'll be ready to view those amazing wide field nebulae, huge open star clusters, massive galaxy groups, and even the entire lunar disk.

The FunStar has a standard 1.25" opening and SCT threads, enabling a large variety of adapter combinations. The 8" FunStar Adapter also features internal threads for 2" filters.

Please keep in mind that the FunStar does not provide any correction. Therefore, some aberrations will show. Nevertheless, these aberrations will be kept to a minimum due to the small chip size in the Revolution Imager.