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Revolution Imager FunStar Adapter for 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes - RI-FS925


Revolution FunStar Adapter for 9.25" SCT Telescopes

Let the Revolution FunStar unleash your Celestron SCT's speed capabilities. The FunStar is an adapter made for Fastar compatible Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes. It allows the use of the Revolution Imager in place of the secondary mirror of the SCT, converting it into an extraordinarily fast instrument with a focal ratio of f/2. This gives you the most expansive views possible, as well as minimal exposure times.

For quick and easy installment, merely unscrew the secondary mirror from your Celestron SCT and replace it with the FunStar. Next, insert the Revolution Imager and you'll be set to take in those wide field nebulae, large galaxy groups, giant open star clusters, and even the full lunar disk.

The FunStar has a standard 1.25" opening and SCT threads, enabling a large variety of adapter combinations. In addition, the FunStar Adapter for 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrains will be internally threaded for 2" filters.

Take note: Some aberrations will appear as the FunStar does not provide any correction. However, the Revolution Imager's small chip size significantly reduces these aberrations.