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Stellarvue .72 Reducer/Flattener for SVA130T-3FT with 48 mm Camera Adapter - SFFR72-130-3FT-48

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SKU: STV-SFFR72-130-3FT-48

Stellarvue .72 Reducer/Flattener for SVA130T-3FT w/48 mm Adapter

This Stellarvue .72 Focal Reducer & Field Flattener threads into the SVA130T model with 3" Feather Touch Focuser in order to transform a 130 mm f/7 system into an f/5 650 mm focal length system for wide field imaging. Includes adapters that supply 55 mm of backfocus with an M48 male thread for the camera. Best for full frame DSLRs with an oversized 48 mm t-ring.

Please Note: This device has been expressly designed for the Stellarvue SVA130T and will not with other 130 mm refractors that do not feature the detachable extension tube between the focuser and the telescope.