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Takahashi 35 Reducer for TOA 130 Refractors - TKA32580A

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Takahashi TOA-35 Reducer
for TOA -130 Refractors

  • New Product Number: TKA32580A
  • Old Product Number: TKA31580NS
  • The Takahashi TOA-35 is designed to reduce the focal length of the TOA-130NS or TOA-130NFB refractor by 0.7X. The TOA-130 normally has a focal length of 1000mm and a focal ratio of f/7.7, but with the TOA-35 Reducer installed, the effective focal length will be 698mm and the focal ratio will be f/5.4. This beautifully made focal reducer matches the quality of your Takahashi refractor. The optical design consists of four elements in three groups and the use of ED glass keeps your images sharp and full of contrast. A 44 mm image circle is produced when the TOA-35 reducer is mounted on the TOA-130.