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Lunt Solar Hat - HAT


Lunt Solar Hat

What We Like About the Lunt Solar Hat:

  • Made from a material that is light weight, cool to wear, and protects your skin from the harmful UV rays

  • Ventilated to stay cool on those hot summer days

  • Full neck flap protects your neck from sunburn

  • A lanyard and a clip keeps hat from blowing off

Once you wear the Lunt Solar Hat, you will wonder how you ever observed the Sun without this clever product!

The Lunt Solar Hat will keep your head covered and prevent sunburn while you are observing our Sun. It is made from a UV protectant material, and has a neck flap to keep your neck protected. Extra features like a small pocket and a clip to prevent the hat from being blown off in the wind make this a “must have” for every solar observer, and it works great for hiking and doing other outdoor activities, as well!