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Telescope Accessories & Parts

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William Optics 0.8x Reducer/Flattener - P-FLAT7A

  • This William Optics 0.8x reducer/flattener is adjustable for optimum back focus.
  • Adjustment depends on the William Optics refractor with which the flattener is used.
  • This flattner is meant to work with the FLT132, FLT156, GT102, GT153, and the Z126.
  • The FLAT7A is compatible with several types of CCD and CMOS cameras.
  • The flattener is produced with Ohara optical glass.
William Optics 0.72x Reducer/Flattener

William Optics 0.72x Reducer/Flattener 8 - P-FLAT8

  • This William Optics Focal Reducer and Field Flattener provides f/6 to f/7/8 focal ratio refractors with 0.72x reduction in effective focal length.
  • Features an STM-coated, fine doublet air-spaced designed lens made using only top-notch Ohara optical glass.
  • Provides coverage for DSLR cameras with full size 50 mm clear lens aperture.
  • Uses internal threading and blackening to eliminate all reflections.
  • All standard camera t-rings with M48x0.75 thread are accepted.
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William Optics Adjustable 0.8x Focal Reducer & Field Flattener - 2" - P-FLAT6AIII

  • William Optics 0.8X Focal Reducer/Field Flattener is adjustable for optimum back-focus!
  • Amount of adjustment depends on the WO refractor it is paired with
  • Designed to fit William Optics f/6 to f/7.5 refractors including GT71, GT81, Z103 & Z81
  • M63 threads on scope side & 48mm threads on camera side
  • The Flat6AIII uses fully multi-coated Ohara low dispersion glass
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