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Orion Declination Bracket for StarShoot Compact Astro Tracking - 04803

SKU: ORI-04803

Orion Declination Bracket for StarShoot Compact Astro Tracking

If you are looking to elevate your StarShoot CAT, a fantastic camera tracking system, then this is the accessory for you!

Not only does this aluminum bracket increase the payload capacity, it also gives better pointing control for Declination adjustments when the CAT is in equatorial mode. The adjustable clutch is used to make coarse movements and the fine-tuning knob is then used to make incremental movements.

When striving to capture that perfect long exposure image of the night sky, alignment is key. This dec bracket from Orion allows for polar alignment with the camera already attached to the StarShoot CAT mount. This means there is less risk of accidentally moving the tripod after alignment has already been completed.

This Orion Declination Bracket for the Compact Astro Tracking mount is the missing piece to increasing the CAT's payload capacity from 6.6 lb. to 8.8 lb! If you are looking to utilize the increased payload capacity, then this dec bracket has the ability to attach to the Orion StarShoot CAT Counterweight and shaft (not included). It is the attachment of the counterweight and shaft that allows for counter balancing, and ultimately increasing the payload capacity.

To use the declination bracket, all you have to do it slide the bracket into the StarShoot CAT's saddle and secure it with the lock knob. The camera then attaches to the bracket with the 1/4"-20 threaded post. To remove the dec platform, you can reveal the 3/8" mounting post and attach a ball head mount and camera.