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Orion Losmandy Style Universal Dovetail Plate - 07954

SKU: ORI-07954

Orion Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate

The Orion Universal Wide Dovetail plate offers you plenty of options for hole spacing. Unlike a standard dovetail bar, Orion's Universal Wide Dovetail Plate offers multiple ring spacing options with its many holes as well as a central slot for extra spacing versatility.

Orion's Wide Universal Plate measures 13" long and fits mounts with wide Losmandy-style dovetail saddles.Cameras and other accessories with tripod sockets can easily attach to this dovetail plate, wherever you need to place them. If your Optical tube is too short to fit the spacing of our rings, you can move the rings closer together using this handy plate. You'll have a secure connection and lots of choices for perfect placement!