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Software Bisque Paramount ME or MEII Pyramid Portable Pier - PYRAMIDMEII


Software Bisque Pyramid Portable Pier
for Paramount ME or ME II Mount

The Software Bisque Pyramid Portable Pier is a lightweight and extremely stable platform designed to directly accept the Paramount ME or Paramount ME II Equatorial Mount. Designed to shoulder more than 250 pounds, the Pyramid has many innovative features, including:

  • Outstanding stability
  • The Pyramid Portable Pier Tripod is extremely lightweight at just 20 lb.
  • Expand or collapse the Pyramid in seconds for super-portability.
  • 360 degree azimuth adjustment
  • Course level adjusters allow you to keep the Pyramid level, even when the ground isn’t.
  • Ergonomic fine leveling adjusters minimize back strain during setup.
  • All parts are precision CNC manufactured from 6061 aluminum.
  • Built-in bubble level for course leveling (10 arc minutes per one-tenth inch accuracy)
  • The Paramount Pyramid Tripod has an integrated center tray for holding small items.

These features produce a portable imaging platform that can be quickly setup, leveled and aligned with the celestial pole while providing unmatched stability.