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ADM Accessories MDS Guidescope Kit for Celestron 11" with 125 mm Rings - MDS-C11-125

SKU: ADM-MDS-C11-125

ADM MDS Guidescope Kit - Celestron 11" with 125 mm Rings

The ADM Accessories MDS (Mini Dovetail System) Guidescope Kit provides the ideal solution for when you want to mount a guidescope to a Meade or Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA. Mini attachment bar is constructed from 5/8" 6061 aluminum, measures 1.5" in width, and features a 60 degree dovetail. A small channel machined into the underside permits it to be fixed to a curved optical tube without radius blocks. No radius blocks means a lower center of gravity and a lighter system overall. Attaches to a Meade 8" OTA via existing mounting screws.

125 mm guidescope rings are mounted to a mini dovetail assembly for easy extraction and balancing. These rings feature three large 3/8" aluminum adjusting screws with 1/4" Delrin tips help to guard the guidescope while reducing image shift when taking long exposures.

This ADM Mini Dovetail System includes a mini dovetail bar, two dovetail blocks, and two 125 mm rings with aluminum thumb screws for adjusting. Made of stainless steel and black anodized for maximum longevity and superior style. Celestron OTA's necessitate the use of extra radius blocks because the rear hole spacing is wider than the dovetail bar. These supplementary radius blocks are included with the purchase of a kit.

Package does not include a guidescope.