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Mount Automation

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Orion GPS Kit for EQ-G Mounts - 07960

SKU: ORI-07960
  • This Orion GPS Kit is a plug-in device that provides GoTo telescope mounts with automatic geographical location and time data taken directly from GPS satellites.
  • Compatible with several Orion telescopes and mounts including the SkyQuest XTg and XXg Dobsonian, StarSeeker IV GoTo telescopes, SkyView Pro GoTo Equatorial Mount, Sirius EQ-G and Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G Mounts, Atlas EQ-G and Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Mounts, and the HDX1100 EQ-G Mount.
  • Intermediate and advanced amateur astronomers who observe and image from more than one location will find that this Orion GPS Kit saves them valuable time typically spent entering the information needed for proper computerized telescope mount alignment.
  • The Orion GoTo Hand Controller with 3.32 or later firmware version is required for use.
GoTo Upgrade Kit for Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial Mount

Orion GoTo Upgrade Kit for SkyView Pro EQ Telescope Mounts - 07817

SKU: ORI-07817
  • With this Orion GoTo Upgrade Kit, you can convert your standard SkyView Pro telescope or mount into a computerized GoTo mount with object location and tracking.
  • Capable of automatically locating and tracking 42,000+ celestial objects with the simple push of a button.
  • Offers easy installation without requiring that your SkyView Pro equatorial mount be modified.
  • Requires either a 12 volt DC power source or a separately available AC power adapter for operation.
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Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter for Computerized GoTo Telescopes

Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter for Computerized GoTo Telescopes - 07961

SKU: ORI-07961
  • Control your Orion GoTo telescope or mount directly from your iOS or Android smart device using this Orion SynScan WiFi Adapter that replaces the old SynScan hand controller.
  • Download the free SynScan Pro app to your smartphone or tablet for use as your control interface.
  • Package includes two cables for plugging this SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter into your mount’s hand controller port.
  • By generating its own Wi-Fi network, this adapter eliminates the need for internet connectivity in the field.
  • User-friendly SynScan Pro app touchscreen menus make locating objects easy.
  • Advanced features include PEC, auto home, polar alignment, camera control, and meridian flip.