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iOptron GEM45 Polar Scope Kit - 7633

SKU: IOP-7633

iOptron GEM45 Polar Scope Kit

The iOptron Polar Scope works with the GEM45 mount. This AccuAlign Dark-Field Illuminated Polar Scope allows you to quickly and accurately align your mount. There are two sets of three concentric circles, clearly marked for aligning the mount on Polaris, if in the Northern Hemisphere, and Sigma Octantis, if in the Southern Hemisphere.

iOptron's polar scope is an excellent aide for precise tracking during long-duration observations or astrophotography sessions.

This kit includes illumination for the polar scope, the #3333 LED illuminator, and a polar scope cover. These kit components ensure that you can accurately use the polar scope during dark observations, and you can protect your polar scope when it is not in use.

Once you insert the polar scope into the mount, adjust the eyepiece to bring the reticle dial into focus. The Polar Scope dial is divided into 12 hours along the angular direction with half- hour tics. There are 2 groups of 6 concentric circles marked from 36’ to 44’ and 60’ to 70’, respectively. The 36’ to 44’ concentric circles are used for polar alignment in the northern hemisphere using Polaris, while the 60’ to 70’ circles are used for polar alignment in the southern hemisphere using Sigma Octantis. Place Polaris or Sigma Octantis at the center of the polar scope dial when polar aligning, or if you have an iPhone, download the iOptron Polar Scope app in the Apple iTunes store for alignment assistance.