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Mount Accessories

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Sky-Watcher SynScan GPS Module - S30104

SKU: SKY-S30104
  • Inputs date, time, and location data into the SynScan hand controller
  • Compatible with all mounts using the SynScan Hand Controller

Sky-Watcher 22-pound Counterweight for EQ8-R Mount - S30610

SKU: SKY-S30610
  • Made for the Skywatcher EQ8-R mount
  • This 22 pound counterweight will match those already on the mount
  • Perfect if you need to counter-balance a heavier load

Sky-Watcher Polar Scope for EQ8-R Series Mounts - S30615

SKU: SKY-S30615
  • Optional polar finder for the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R mount
  • Innovative bracket attaches to the mount and holds the finder securely in place
  • Etched reticle helps you align to the celestial pole
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Sky-Watcher 11 lb. AZ-EQ6 Mount Counterweight

Sky-Watcher 11 lb. Counterweight for AZ-EQ6 Mount - S30301

SKU: SKY-S30301
  • Individual Counterweight Weights (lb.): 11
  • Compatible with AZ-EQ6 mounts

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Dec Bracket - S20560

SKU: SKY-S20560
  • Use this SkyWatcher Dec Bracket to mount a lightweight telescope on the Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount.
  • Clutch knob enables adjustments to rotation tightness, while a fine-tuning knob adjusts your camera or telescope's orientation.
  • A removable 1/4” mounting element allows two ball heads to be mounted to the dovetail for dual camera or one scope, one camera setup.
  • One end of the dovetail contains a threaded hole for accepting a separately available counterweight kit.
Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Mount Polar Scope

SkyWatcher Polar Scope for AZ-EQ5 Mount - S30203

SKU: SKY-S30203
  • Polar Product Type: Manual Polar Scope
  • Mounts Known to Fit: Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5
Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Counterweight - 11 lbs.

Sky-Watcher 11 lb. Counterweight for AZ-EQ5, EQ6, & EQ6-R Mounts - S30101

SKU: SKY-S30101
  • Individual Counterweight Weights (lb.): 11

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Latitude EQ Base - S20530

SKU: SKY-S20530
  • This Sky-Watcher Equatorial Base Wedge provides the Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount with latitude adjustment capability for precise polar alignment.
  • Fits between the Star Adventurer Mount and your tripod.
  • Offers latitude adjustment from 0 to 70 degrees.
  • A knob for making horizontal adjustments is also included, as is a bubble level to ensure your base is completely horizontal.
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Ball Head Adapter

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Ball Head Adapter - S20550

SKU: SKY-S20550
  • This Ball Head Adapter facilitates connection between standard Ball Head mounts with the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Multi-Function Mount.
  • Adapts to standard ball heads using a 3/8" thread screw.
  • Compatible with ball head mounts from a wide variety of manufacturers.
SkyWatcher SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter

Sky-Watcher SynScan WiFi Adapter - S30103

SKU: SKY-S30103
  • Give your mount a smart upgrade with this Sky-Watcher SynScan WiFi Adapter for the SynScan Pro app on both iOS and Android devices.
  • The SkyWatcher SynScan Pro app provides a 9,000+ celestial object library with stars, star clusters, and nebulae all accessible for users to explore.
  • With this simple, easy-to-use Wi-Fi adapter, carrying a separate hand controller is no longer necessary.
  • Includes 6 pin to 8 pin cable for alt-azimuth mounts, and 8 pin to 8 pin cable for equatorial mounts.

High Point Scientific has the telescope mount parts and accessories you need to keep your telescope steady. With right accessories, you can precisely tighten your tripod or safely mount your OTA. ADM, Celestron, Meade, Orion, Parallax, and Tele Vue are just a few manufacturers we work with to bring you the best deals. Whatever set up you are looking for, we have the accessories to meet your needs!

Depending on your setup, you are going to need accessories that enhance the capabilities of your mount and make it easier for you find celestial objects. At its most basic form, look for accessories that complement either an equatorial or alt-azimuth mount. Thinking of using a camera tripod? Then you most likely have an alt-azimuth mount! Check out our selection of motors and power supplies to fully computerize your mount to find your favorite celestial objects with ease.

An easy way to tell if you have an equatorial mount is to look for the counterweights. If your telescope mount has one or more, there’s a 98% chance it's an equatorial. In addition to counterweights, be sure to look for a counterweight shaft or a wedge. While not required, you can equip your mount with a motor for hassle-free tracking.

High Point Scientific has a wide variety of telescope mount accessories to secure your optical tube assembly. A dovetail plate and saddle will ensure your set up stays secure all night long. We also have a vast selection of mounting rings to keep your OTA and finderscope in place. These are just a few accessories to consider. Many new observers are eager to jump right into their first stargazing and forget about these details. However, if you equip your scope with the right accessories, you will enjoy many worry-free nights to come.

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