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Orion 11 lb. Counterweight for Atlas & Sirius Mounts - 09863

SKU: ORI-09863

Orion Counterweight for Atlas & Sirius Mounts - 11 lbs.

  • Supplementary 11 pound counterweight made for the Orion Atlas EQ-G and Sirius EQ-G equatorial mounts.
  • Aids in the balancing of particularly heavy telescopes.
  • Perfect for balancing heavy astrophotography equipment.
  • An easy, secure grip is ensured by a nylon-tipped, tri-lobe lock knob, even when donning gloves in the field!
  • For smooth, accurate tracking, panning, and slow-motion positions adjustments, this 11 lb. counterweight provides optimized balance to your Atlas or Sirius EQ-6 equatorial mount.

An additional counterweight or two may be needed to balance your Atlas or Sirius EQ-6 mount when heavier telescope and astrophotographic setups are involved. These counterweights have an appealing exterior finish and a tri-lobe lock knob for an easy grip. 0.8" (20.32 mm) wide counterweight center bore.