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Orion Dovetail Mounting Plate 13" - 07385

SKU: ORI-07385

Orion 13” Dovetail Mounting Plate

Do you have more than one telescope but only one mount? The 13" Orion Dovetail Mounting Plate allows you to change telescopes on your mount without using tools! This "narrow style" dovetail plate provides a platform for coupling telescope optical tubes to the Orion SkyView Pro or Atlas equatorial telescope mounts. The Dovetail Plate fits into the dovetail saddle on the mount head for easy tool-free attachment.

Saving time and energy has never been easier thanks to the 13" Orion Dovetail Mounting Plate. Attach one to each of your telescopes, or telescope tube rings, and you can swap between your telescope optical tubes without using tools. Constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum guarantees dependability. So don't waste time and effort on your stargazing trip, get one for each of your compatible telescopes today!

Please Note: Most of the mounts listed above come standard with a dovetail mounting plate. This 13” dovetail will work as a replacement, or, as mentioned above, as an extra dovetail for a second (or third!) telescope.