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Meade AudioStar Hand Controller - 07640

SKU: MEA-07640
  • This hand controller from Meade is meant to work with all Meade LX90, ETX-90 & ETX-125, scopes on the LXD75, and any other Meade telescopes that use the #497 Autostar controller.
  • Meade's AudioStar hand controller has a database of over 38,000 objects and a built-in speaker.
  • If you are looking for a tour of the night sky, you can select the “Tonight’s Best” tour.
  • Using this hand controller, aligning the telescope is much easier.
$159.99 $154.95
Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians

Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians - 07818

SKU: ORI-07818
  • This Orion Three-Fan Cooling System minimizes the amount of time spent waiting for your large GoTo Dobsonian telescope to achieve thermal equilibrium.
  • Made specifically to fit the primary mirror cells of the Orion XX14i IntelliScope as well as the XX14g and XX16g GoTo Dobsonian.
  • Enables a quickly optimized visual experience.
  • All three fans feature 33.4 CFM (cubic foot per minute) air flow for considerably accelerated optical cooling for Dobsonian telescopes.
  • These fans are quiet and do not produce vibrations.
Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller

Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller - 35-7200-00

SKU: MEA-35-7200-00
  • The hand controller from Meade is meant to work with all Meade LX200-ACF, LX850-ACF, and LX600-ACF telescopes.
  • This Meade's AutoStar II hand controller works as a replacement controller for the compatible telescopes.
  • Meade's AutoStar II hand controller has a 145,000+ celestial object database.
  • This replacement has an increased 3.5 Megabyte memory.

High Point Scientific has the telescope mount parts and accessories you need to keep your telescope steady. With right accessories, you can precisely tighten your tripod or safely mount your OTA. ADM, Celestron, Meade, Orion, Parallax, and Tele Vue are just a few manufacturers we work with to bring you the best deals. Whatever set up you are looking for, we have the accessories to meet your needs!

Depending on your setup, you are going to need accessories that enhance the capabilities of your mount and make it easier for you find celestial objects. At its most basic form, look for accessories that complement either an equatorial or alt-azimuth mount. Thinking of using a camera tripod? Then you most likely have an alt-azimuth mount! Check out our selection of motors and power supplies to fully computerize your mount to find your favorite celestial objects with ease.

An easy way to tell if you have an equatorial mount is to look for the counterweights. If your telescope mount has one or more, there’s a 98% chance it's an equatorial. In addition to counterweights, be sure to look for a counterweight shaft or a wedge. While not required, you can equip your mount with a motor for hassle-free tracking.

High Point Scientific has a wide variety of telescope mount accessories to secure your optical tube assembly. A dovetail plate and saddle will ensure your set up stays secure all night long. We also have a vast selection of mounting rings to keep your OTA and finderscope in place. These are just a few accessories to consider. Many new observers are eager to jump right into their first stargazing and forget about these details. However, if you equip your scope with the right accessories, you will enjoy many worry-free nights to come.

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