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iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope with Adapter for Internal Mounting to CEM60 - 3339A-060

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SKU: IOP-3339A-060

iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for CEM60 Internal Mounting

This version of the iOptron iPolar e-Polarscope, which has a 4-pin wire, mounts the iPolar internally to your iOptron CEM60 equatorial mount with the included CEM60 adapter. Another option for the CEM60 is to mount the iPolar externally...if you would like to do that, check out the iOptron 3339-060, available at the same price. Check the Files tab above for links to download iPolar software, see a compatibility chart or download the instruction manual.

With the iPolar e-Polarscope from iOptron, accurate polar alignment has never been so simple! All you have to do is place the plus symbol over the graphical representation of the celestial pole's location. When these two symbols are aligned they represent a precise polar alignment, allowing you to get the best performance possible from your CEM60 equatorial mount.

The iOptron iPolar™ utilizes an electronic camera that is aligned with both the axes of your mount. The downloadable Windows software processes the camera's images to calculate the true location of the celestial pole (north or south) and then guides you through any adjustments needed to align your mount precisely to the pole. Gone are the days of crouching behind a "through the mount" polar scope! Instead, the iPolar™ facilitates making altitude and azimuth adjustments by just glancing at your PC's monitor. This system needs as few as four stars to locate the pole, and can do so even when the pole location itself is blocked by clouds, tree branches or other obstructions.

iPolar e-PolarScope Features

  • The iPolar is fast and easy to use
  • 30 arcsec precision
  • With iPolar, there is no need to see the Pole Star or rotate the mount during alignment
  • Unique imaging enhancement technique
  • Smart plate solving
  • On screen instruction during alignment

iPolar e-PolarScope Specifications

  • Field of View (FOV): ~ 13-degrees
  • Included Adapter: Internal, CEM60
  • Resolution: 30 arcsec approx.
  • Alignment Precision: 30 arcsec
  • Interface: Mini USB2.0
  • Software: iPolar Software, downloadable from Files tab or iOptron website
  • Operation System: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 32bit or 64bit