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PrimaLuceLab EAGLE3 Pro Advanced Control Unit - EAGLE3PRO

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PrimaLuceLab EAGLE3 Pro Advanced Control Unit

The EAGLE3 Pro control unit from PrimaLuceLab is the most powerful version of the EAGLE3 series control units. This is due to the i5 2.6 GHz Dual Core processor (with Turbo mode up to 3.5 GHz), 16GB fast RAM memory, and the increased storage space (SSD 500 GB). All of this and the EAGLE3Pro is still lightweight, compact, and designed to be installed inside of the telescope!

Adding PrimaLuceLab's EAGLE3 Pro control unit to your astrophotography setup eliminates the need to connect your telescope to a laptop with long cables and big batteries. Using the EAGLE3 Pro means that you can spend so much more time imaging through your telescope and less time setting up your equipment. EAGLE3 Pro is comprised of a powerful Windows 10 Enterprise computer that is faster and more stable than standard computers. It also has a special WiFi system to remotely control the telescope with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

This control unit has many advanced features: remote control, 8 USB ports, 7 power out ports, and more. When compared to the previous EAGLE3 series, the EAGLE3 Pro has the faster processor, more RAM memory, and larger SSD disk.

This a fantastic control unit for those astrophotographers out there! Not only does it have great features that work for astrophotography, but it also has all the power of a real computer and provides astroimagers with the opportunity to use any astrophotography software.

The EAGLE3 Series control unit offers 32% more performance than a common Mini PC with Intel Celeron N3160 processor, 4GB of RAM and SSD disk, and the Eagle3 Pro boosts everything to a +130%!

EAGLE3 PRO Specifications

  • Processor: Intel i5 - 7300U 2.6 GHz dual core, Turbo 3.5 GHz
  • RAM Memory / SSD Disk: 16GB / 500GB
  • USB3.0 + USB2.0 Ports: 8; 4xUSB3.0 and 4xUSB2.0
  • Control via WiFi: Yes
  • Control via Ethernet: Yes
  • Remote ON/OFF Periphericals: Yes
  • Remote ON/OFF USB Ports: Yes, but only for USB2.0 ports
  • Power Out Poerts and Max Current: 7 12V ports, 4x12V and 3x0-12V
  • Average Power Consumption: 1600 mA/hour
  • Operative System: Windows 10 Enterprise