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PrimaLuceLab PLUS Losmandy Dovetail Plate - 240mm - PLLLOS240P


PrimaLuceLab PLUS Losmandy Dovetail Plate - 240mm

The PLUS Losmandy Dovetail Plate from PrimaLuceLab is designed to let users connect their telescope to a mount with a Losmandy plate. The 240mm (9.4488") plate is great for medium-sized OTAs, such as refractors with up to a 130mm aperture and reflectors with up to a 200mm aperture. Like the other PLUS series products that PrimaLuce has to offer, the Losmandy dovetail plate is CNC machined from an aluminum block. It is then sandblasted and anodized to create a smooth surface and protect the plate from oxidation.

The design of this Losmandy plate means that you can easily install components such as support rings, guide rings, and dovetail clamps. The plate can be positioned below the support rings to aid in installing the telescope on the mount. It can also be installed above the support rings. Installing it above the rings means that you can attach other accessories such as guide rings. You can also use 2 dovetail clamps (not included) and the plate to create a side-by-side plate, allowing you to install two parallel telescopes on a mount with a single Losmandy plate.