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Stellarvue Lightweight Riser Blocks with 10.5" Vixen Rail & Metric Screws - RSS-VM


Stellarvue Lightweight Riser Block Set
With Vixen 10.5" Dovetail Rail & Metric Screws

This package includes a 10.5" long Vixen-style dovetail rail and two Stellarvue Risers with M6x1 metric screws for use when attaching the dovetail, risers & telescope to rings that are drilled for metric hardware.

About Stellarvue Risers

Stellarvue Risers are a perfect solution when you want more room (2.5") between the dovetail plate or rail and your refractor telescope. This is particularly important with shorter telescopes (such as the Stellarvue 70 mm and 80 mm refractors) when a camera is mounted to the rear and it cannot be balanced on the mount. Using Stellarvue Riser Blocks and a longer rail that extends to the rear allows for adjustable travel to attain balancing over the focuser. Take a look at the included images showing how to connect and use the risers & dovetail. The screws pass through the dovetail rail from the back, then through the risers and finally, thread into the mounting rings. Tighten the screws and you'll be amazed at how rock solid this system is. By the way , if you already have a dovetail long enough to balance your scope, the risers are available separately, and a kit with a wider (and longer) Losmandy dovetail is available as well.

The riser blocks, which lift your telescope and camera above the mount, are 1" wide by 2.5" high and are machined for strength and light weight in the Stellarvue factory in Auburn, California. This set, as mentioned above, comes with metric screws to attach to mounting rings with M6X1 threaded holes instead of standard 1/4-20 holes. Please measure the screws before using since some mounting rings have holes that go all the way through. If that is the case and the bolt is too long, it may scratch your OTA, which would be a shame. To make sure this doesn't happen, insert the bolt through the dovetail and riser block and measure the length of the bolt that is left. If your ring's thickness is more than that of the leftover thread, you will be fine. If not, you will need a shorter bolt!

About the Vixen-Style Dovetail Rail

The Stellarvue dual slotted Vixen style dovetail rail is approximately 10 1/2" long and has two slots, one that is 5" long and one that is 2 1/4" long. This allows the riser blocks to be placed on one side of the rail to achieve perfect balance with the telescope you are using. The Vixen rail also has a 1/4-20 threaded hole that is about 3 7/8" from one edge.