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Meade LX65 Alt-AZ Single Arm GoTo Mount & Tripod with AudioStar - 228000

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SKU: MEA-228000

Meade LX65 Alt-AZ Single Arm GoTo Mount & Tripod with AudioStar

The Meade LX65 is an alt-azimuth single arm mount packed with everything you need to enjoy many nights observing. The single fork arm is even stable enough to mount a second telescope. Attach any OTA up to 7lbs on the secondary saddle. This setup is perfect for guidescopes or for beautiful wide-field views. The LX65 will be the easiest mount you've ever had to break down! This mount be conveniently packed away into three, lightweight pieces without the need for tools.

Included with the LX65 is the AudioStar controller to help you find objects, do an easy alignment, move the mount electronically, or take a tour of the night's best objects.

With a database of over 30,000 objects and a built-in speaker, the Meade AudioStar will not only help you find objects with its easy, user-friendly interface, it can talk to you about a wide range of objects for a truly interactive experience.

If you don’t know what’s up in the sky on a particular evening, or don’t have a particular observing schedule in mind, let the Meade AudioStar show you “Tonight’s Best”. Choose the Tonight’s Best tour on the controller and you will be shown, you guessed it, the best objects in the sky for that particular date and time. The AudioStar controller has a multitude of functions for you to explore, such as digital positional readouts, a database of up to 200 user-defined objects, 9-Speed dual-axis movement, and much more.

Meade LX65 Alt-AZ Single Arm GoTo Mount Specs

  • Mount or Tripod Type: Alt-Azimuth Mounts
  • Type of Mount Electronics: Computerized with GoTo
  • Hand Controller Included: Yes
  • Objects in Database: 30,000
  • Power Options for Mount: C Batteries - User Supplied
  • Mount Weight: 18.7lb
  • Mounting Style: Single Fork Arm with Dovetail
  • Mount Includes Tripod or Pier: Yes
  • Mount Weight Capacity: Primary Saddle: 15lb, Secondary Saddle: 7lb
  • Tripod Weight: 8.5lb
  • Tripod Leg Diameter: 1.5"
  • Total Weight: 27.2lb
  • Warranty: One Year