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Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Mount - 10010 - Used

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SKU: UEQ-11753-ORI-10010
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  • This Orion Atlas Pro Dual AZ/EQ Computerized GoTo Mount is Used and in Excellent Condition. Upon inspection, we found that the mount is fully functional. There are obvious signs of having been opened. Otherwise, everything looks excellent.
  • Image shows new product.
  • Comes with High Point 90-Day Warranty

Orion Atlas Pro Dual AZ/EQ Computerized GoTo Mount

  • Three-in-one computerized GoTo mount capable of operating in both GoTo Equatorial mode with one telescope attached, and GoTo Altazimuth mode with either one or two separate telescopes attached.
  • With a 44 lb. payload capacity, the Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G is optimal for a variety of observational and astrophotographic endeavors.
  • Belt-driven stepper motor drive system distinguishes between over 42,000 celestial objects with a 5 arc-minute pointing accuracy and a tracking precision of 0.1436 arc-second steps.
  • Closed-loop electronics keep alignment steady despite manual shifting of the attached telescope.
  • Additional features include a dual-width saddle plate to allow the use of both "V" and "D" style dovetail plates, 1" diameter retractable counterweight shaft, securely threaded power input jack and threaded DC cable, integrated autoguider port, PPEC capability, nine slew speeds, and Northern or Southern hemisphere polar alignment scope.

For close to 10 years, Orion's Atlas EQ-G Equatorial Mount has represented a standard in inexpensive GoTo mounts capable of performing astrophotography tasks. Now Orion is introducing their more versatile enhanced Atlas Pro Dual AZ/EQ-G Mount. Sure to quickly ascend in popularity among intermediate as well as experienced observers and astrophotographers, this three-in-one smart mount functions in equatorial GoTo mode while holding a single telescope, or in alt-az GoTo and tracking mode while holding one or even two different telescopes. The Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G can be controlled using the included illuminated hand controller, or a laptop computer. You can even control the Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G with your iOS device if you have the optional Orion StarSeek software and Wi-Fi module (sold separately).

The Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G also features some other essential improvements in addition to the dual Altazimuth and Equatorial modes. These improvements include a smooth yet powerful latitude adjustment for precise polar alignmt, sturdier Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (DEC) clutch adjustments, and a wider 1" diameter retractable counterweight shaft with thread-on shaft extension. Despite being a few pounts lighter than the Atlas EQ-G, the newly designed equatorial head carries up a 44 lb. payload without difficulty. When two different optical tubes are attached in Altazimuth GoTo & Tracking mode, each side can take on a telescope of up to 44 lbs. An upgraded belt-driven stepper motor drive system, capable of finding any of over 42,000 celestial objects with a pointing accuracy of 5 arc-minutes and a tracking precision of 0.1436 arc-second steps, comes standard with this mount. This drive features closed-loop electronics, with two sets of encoders per axis, allowing the mount to remember where it's pointing in the sky even if you manually move the attached telescope to a new target. Furthermore, following manual repositioning of the attached telescope, this smart mount can go back to its last target or identify any new target you select without any realignment required.

This bona fide heavy-duty mount and tripod has a combind weight of 51 lbs. without counterweights. For greater portability, the mount can be detached from the tripod via a single hand knob. The Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G is full of great features such as a secure, threaded power input jack, integrated autoguider port for precise astrophotography, and nine different slew speeds (up to 4.2º per second). This high performance mount also offers Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC). With a dual-width dovetail saddle, the Atlas Pro AZ/EQ can accept narrow Vixen or wide Losmandy style dovetail plates. To go along with a sturdy tripod with 2" stainless steel legs, this package also includes a second dovetail saddle for alt-az operations with two telescopes, an illuminated polar axis scope with modifiable brightness, two 11 lb. counterweights, an RS-232 cable, and 12V DC power cable with a secure threaded connector. A 12V DC power supply like an Orion Dynamo (sold separately), or an AC-to-DC adapter with 4A or higher current output, is required to run this computerized GoTo mount.

Orion Atlas Pro Dual AZ/EQ-G Mount Specifications

  • Ideal Imaging: Deep sky
  • Astro-imaging Capability: Lunar, planetary & long exposure
  • Weight Capacity: 44 lbs.
  • Dovetail Bar System: Yes
  • Motor Drive Compatibility: Clock drive included
  • Computerized Compatibility: GoTo included
  • Alignment Procedure: 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star alignment
  • Objects in Database: 42,000+
  • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, solar and lunar
  • Motor Speeds: 3.4°/sec (800x), 600x, 500x, 400x, 64x, 32x, 16x, 8x, 2x, 1.75x, 1.5x, 1.25x
  • Motor Type: Microstep driven stepper motors
  • Bearing Material: Sealed ball bearings
  • Power Requirement: 12V DC - 5A (tip positive)
  • PEC: Yes
  • GPS: Sold separately
  • Backlash Compensation: Yes
  • Latitude Range: 10-90
  • Setting Circles: Yes
  • Polar Scope: Included
  • Counterweights: Two at 11 lbs. each
  • Available Ports: RS-232, autoguider
  • Tripod Material: Stainless steel
  • Tripod Leg Diameter: 2"
  • Counterweight Bar Length: 13"
  • Counterweight Shaft Diameter: 25 mm
  • Mount Height Range: 42" - 64"
  • Mount & Tripod Weight: 51.1 lbs.
  • Fully Assembled Weight: 73.1 lbs.