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Coronado EQS Equatorial Mount with RA Motor & Controller - 316001

SKU: COR-316001

Coronado EQS Equatorial Mount
with RA Drive, Controller & Gold Tripod

The Coronado EQS is the perfect mount for a lightweight solar telescope and has even been designed to match the color scheme of the Coronado SolarMax II H-alpha telescopes. However, this equatorial mount would be perfect for any small telescope or spotting scope that weighs less than 5 pounds, regardless of whether you want to view terrestrial objects or the Sun during the day or celestial wonders at night!

The Coronado EQS Equatorial Mount comes with an 8.5-pound counterweight, an RA (right ascension) motor drive and a hand box with a choice of 2X or 4X sidereal motor speeds. You can use the motor drive to track the Sun from left to right as it moves across the sky., and then use the slow motion control cable on the Declination axis to make slight adjustments up or down to keep your chosen object in view. In order to use the RA motor, you'll need to install four "D" batteries (user supplied). To be on the safe side, always keep an extra set of batteries with you when observing, as the tracking accuracy of the mount will be affected when the batteries run low.

Want to forego the RA drive sometimes? You can do that with the EQS Mount, as it works perfectly fine without engaging the motor. Both axes have slow motion control cables that will allow you to make smooth adjustments up, down, right, and left as required. That's good to know because it is no fun to lose complete functionality of your mount when you lose power!

Designed to match Coronado solar telescopes, the full-height adjustable tripod has gold-plated legs and sleek black accents. In fact, the setting circles on the mount itself are gold-plated as well.

Mount your choice of telescope to the Vixen-style plate on top of the mount, and lock it firmly in place with the easy-to-use knob. The Coronado EQS Equatorial Mount and Tripod is easy to set up, easy to move around due to its light weight, and easy to store. Due to its weight, this mount is not recommended for the SolarMax 90.