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Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial Mount - 09829

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SKU: ORI-09829

The Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial Mount is a great choice if you'd like a medium weight mount that is stable, offers precision control, and handles an OTA that weighs no more than 20 pounds. The SkyView Pro, or SVP, has enclosed 360-degree worm gears as well as 86mm diameter setting circles in order to find any celestial object in the night sky by its right ascension and declination coordinates. The SVP's mount head is made of metal and includes dual slow-motion control knobs to move the mount in RA and Dec. The mount also sports azimuth fine adjustment as well as a latitude scale with a range of 16 - 64 degrees and comes with a 4-pound and 7.5-pound counterweight. The SkyView Pro is a manual mount, but you can add an optional RA or Dual Axis (RA & Dec) DC drive that will motorize your mount and allow it to track so you can do astrophotography. A polar alignment scope is also available separately.

You can attach an optical tube assembly (OTA) to the SVP mount via the included quick-release dovetail bar. The included tripod has 1.75" diameter legs and a height range of 42.25 to 55 inches. The mount weighs 36.5 pounds with counterweights installed.