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Software Bisque Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope System - MYTRED

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Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount

The Software Bisque Paramount is legendary amongst serious amateur astronomers and astro-imagers. Its sturdy build, precision tracking, and ability to handle heavy payloads with ease are just a few of the reasons why the Paramount can be found in multitudes of observatories, both professional and amateur, throughout the world.

The MyT German Equatorial Mount is the latest member of the Paramount family. What’s it got that the Paramount MEII & MX+ doesn't? Portability! Don’t get me wrong, the larger Paramounts are perfect for very large, heavy telescope systems living in permanent or semi-permanent observatories, but if you have an 11” or 12” telescope, the bigger Paramounts are a bit much, and they can force you into a permanent installation when you might like to be more portable. Enter the Paramount MyT! This beautiful mount looks and feels like a Paramount, and it comes with the same control system and features for Paramount performance…it is just smaller.

The Software Bisque MyT Mount will carry up to 50 lb. of equipment, and can handle a total payload of 100 lb., but weighs a mere 34 lb., not counting the counterweight shaft or counterweights. Now that’s a great instrument capacity to mount weight ratio! Read below for more about the MyT Paramount Robotic Mount:

  • The Paramount MYT can carry a loaded 12” telescope but it only weighs 34 lb. (without counterweights & shaft)!
  • With the MYT, you’ll enjoy Paramount homing, tracking, slewing and pointing performance.
  • The Software Bisque MYT German Equatorial Mount can track up to two hours past the meridian.
  • Virtually zero backlash, 30 arc second pointing accuracy using TPoint telescope modeling software, and a maximum of 7 arc seconds peak-to-peak periodic error prior to correction.
  • The 4th generation control system features USB 2.0 computer to mount interface, and included TheSkyX Pro with Add-Ons like TPoint, ProTrack, Direct Guide, Super Model, All Sky Image Link, and more give you amazing control over your mount and camera.
  • Includes the Versa-Plate mounting plate, power supply, PC to mount cabling, mini joystick hand controller, and one twenty (20) pound counterweight.

Software Bisque MyT Paramount Hardware Specifications

  • German equatorial mount design
  • Instrument capacity (not including the counterweights): 50 lb (23 kg).
  • Maximum payload capacity (instruments plus counterweights): 100 lb (46 kg).
  • Weight of the mount (including the Versa-Plate): 34 lb (15.4 kg)
  • Every Paramount MYT component is custom machined from 6061 aluminum at Software Bisque's production facility. The precision worms are machined from brass.
  • Brass worms and aluminum gears that have a maximum seven (7) arcsecond peak-to-peak periodic error before periodic error correction. When periodic error correction is applied, the resulting peak-to-peak periodic error should be approximately one (1) arcsecond or less.
  • Both the right ascension and declination axes have a simple two position mechanical "switch" to engage the worm during normal operation, disengage the worm from the gear when balancing the payload. A separate knob locks and unlocks each axis for transport.
  • GEM design allows the right ascension axis to track past the meridian for up to 2 hours (time).
  • All internal harnesses (cables) and motors are encapsulated inside the body of the mount.
  • Through the mount access holes allow you to add your own internal cables.
  • Calibrated polar alignment adjustments.
  • Paramount homing, tracking and pointing performance.
  • Research-grade 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) 320 tooth aluminum right ascension gears and brass worms with seven (7) arcseconds or less peak-to-peak periodic error, before applying periodic error correction (PEC).
  • 4.33-inch contact ball bearings in both right ascension and declination.
  • Periodic error correction curve fitting included with TheSkyX Professional Edition.
  • 45 arcminute bubble level included.
  • A Paramount-style Versa-Plate for attaching optical tube assemblies is included.
  • Power supply included. Paramount MYT power supply specifications: Max Power Output: 80W, Input: 100-240VAC ~47-63 Hz 1.9A, Output: 48V 1.66A max.
  • One (1) 20 lb (9kg) counterweights included. Optional 10 lb (4.5 kg) counterweights sold separately.
  • 33 cm (13 in.) long, 3.81 cm (1.5 in.) wide stainless steel counterweight shaft. Thread-compatible with the Paramount Counterweight Extension Shaft.
  • Standard Paramount MYT wedge can be adjusted to reach latitudes from zero (0) degrees to sixty-four (64) degrees. Azimuth axis polar axis adjustment range is plus or minus 3.5 degrees from center position (seven degrees total).
  • Altitude and azimuth polar alignment knobs are calibrated, so that making adjustments using the TPoint Polar Alignment Report simple and accurate.

Software Bisque MyT Control System & Electronics Specifications

  • The Paramount MYT includes the MKS 5000, Software Bisque's fourth generation dual axis telescope control system.
  • Integrated USB 2.0 computer to mount communication interface can be controlled via TheSkyX Professional Edition on Mac OS X, Windows (8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, 32- and 64-bit), Linux (Ubuntu) and Raspbian out of the box.
  • Integrated two port USB 2.0 hub at the camera-end of the telescope, right where USB ports are needed most.
  • The position of the motors is monitored 3333 times each second to ensure optimal tracking accuracy and smooth, consistent slews at all rates and all times.
  • Tracking and "in progress slews" are immediately stopped in the event the mount's payload encounters a fixed object, such as the side of the pier.
  • The single board control system electronics requires the minimum number of components and has a small physical size.
  • Hand controller features an integrated mini-joystick controller and configurable rate, a five position switch that allows single-handed mount control, an integrated bright red LED flashlight, sturdy "hang anywhere" cable loop and 15-foot coiled hand paddle to mount cable.
  • Programmable periodic error correction with advanced periodic error curve fitting built into TheSkyX Professional Edition.
  • Built-in autoguider port on the Instrument Panel.
  • Built-in focuser port on the Instrument Panel.
  • One 12V and one 5V power port on the Instrument Panel.
  • An integrated through the mount generic "power source" port on the Instrument Panel backed with 18-gauge wire to supply power to your observing equipment.
  • Configurable software limits (using TheSkyX Professional Edition) to ensure the mount does not encounter the pier.
  • Brushless DC servomotors with all moving parts on bearing surfaces. If your mount is used for survey astronomy all night, every clear night, no other type of motor is sufficient. Other commercial mounts use "brushed motors" that don't have nearly the life expectancy of brushless DC servomotors and are not designed to be operated for long periods at the (relatively slow) sidereal rate.
  • DC servomotors provide fast slew speeds and consistent torque at all slew rates. The maximum slew and tracking rate is six (6) degrees per second in both right ascension axis and declination (the default slew rate is 5.4 degrees per second). The gear-reducer and worm-block design of the Paramount MYT are extremely efficient so that little power is lost between the motor and the telescope drive. Though good balance is always recommended, the Paramount MYT has no problem slewing or tracking when several foot-pounds out of balance. You'll spend less time fiddling with the telescope and more time acquiring data.
  • AutoHome™ homing capability (to better than one arcsecond resolution) with built-in sensor circuitry on each axis ensure that the mount always knows its orientation (after an initialization process called "homing"), even after power failure.
  • Configurable park position.
  • Audible feedback that indicates normal operation and error conditions.
  • Slew and tracking rates can be configured with 56-bit precision. What does this mean? The right ascension and declination motors can be rotated a 0 to 4000 revolutions per minute and virtually anywhere in between, providing precise tracking and slewing. This gives you the ability to track on comets, asteroids and even fast- or slow-moving objects such as LEO satellites or any object that moves above or below the sidereal rate.
  • Single-reduced belt-driven worms mean the Paramount MYT has backlash so small it is difficult to measure (typically less than two arcseconds in both axes. Autoguiding calibration is always a snap with this “no-slop” system. Spur gears and other components the may introduce backlash are not used.
  • Temperature compensated internal oscillator with better than 1 part per 10 million that ensures accurate tracking rates over a wide temperature range.
  • Built-in temperature sensor that allows the slew rate to be automatically reduced when the temperature drops.
  • Soft "reboot" capability. This means that the control system can be restarted through software and does not have to be manually turned off, then on.

Software Bisque MyT Software Specifications

  • The Paramount MYT comes with the world's best and most powerful astronomy suite of astronomy software developed by the same engineers who designed the software. The Paramount MYT includes:
    • TheSkyX Professional Edition (Mac and Windows)
    • TPoint Add On (including ProTrack and Super Model ) to TheSkyX Professional Edition.
    • Camera Add On to TheSkyX Professional Edition.
    • Multi-OS and Six License Add On gives you the option to install TheSkyX Pro (and Add Ons) on Mac and Windows, on up to six different computers.