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Meade Permanent Equatorial Pier for 16" SCT or ACF Telescopes - 07006

SKU: MEA-07006

Meade Permanent Equatorial Pier for 16" ACF or SCT Telescopes

This Meade Permanent Equatorial Pier is a permanent pier that is designed to mount your Meade 16" ACF or SCT scope in an Equatorial configuration. This is one of the standard operating configurations for this large fork-mounted scope. This pier is perfect for observatory installations of your large Meade scope. This steel pier offers an outstandingly rigid, permanently mounted installation engineered to minimize any vibration. Strong enough to carry the weight of a heavy 16" with any and all accessories including piggybacked telescopes. Ideal observatory mounting for critical observing tasks, astrophotography, or educational instruction purposes!

Mounted in the equatorial mode, there is no field rotation in either the main telescope or in any auxiliary piggybacked instruments, making this the mounting method of choice for most observatories. Ideal for installations planned for astrophotography and imaging applications. This pier is a full 10" diameter and features 1/2" wall thickness, for rock-solid performance.

All Permanent Equatorial Piers are custom-manufactured to match the latitude of your specified observing site, to an accuracy of 0.5° or better. Specify your installation latitude at the time of order; pier will be fabricated accordingly. Standard pier height is approximately 42", custom height available on request. Additional charges apply for increased height.

Fine tuning and leveling are typically accomplished by adjusting the pier mounting bolts. For permanent installations only! Pier must be bolted to a solid foundation! Weight is approximately 255 lbs. Ships on a pallet.

Product carries full one year Meade factory limited warranty.