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Stellarvue Tripod Column - M2 Mount to Stellarvue Tripods - MEC002


Stellarvue MEC2 Heavy Duty Tripod Column
for M2 or M2D Mount Head

The Stellarvue MEC2 column is required to attach the M2 or M2D mount to Stellarvue's tripods. The MEC2 has a diameter of 2.75" and is made in the USA of 6061-t6 aluminum, it is very sturdy! The Stellarvue M2 (with Vixen dovetail shoe) or M2D (with Losmandy dovetail shoe) mount head bolts to the top of the MEC2 column with three side screws. This eliminates rotation between the mount and column. This column will not fit the older-style M1 mount from Stellarvue, as the mounting hole pattern is different.

The MEC2 mounts to any Stellarvue tripod using a 5/8-11 bolt. If your tripod does not have an elevator column and uses a different sized mounting bolt, let us know, as there are options available from the manufacturer.